• 8 Week Adventure

    Food as a vehicle for change

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    A PREMIUM offering in collaboration with my dear friend,

    Grace Sangeet Kaur, to guide you to create changes in your life in a profound and effective way.


    Grace writes:

    Are you wanting to change your career, lose weight or stop smoking to reboot your health, but

    can’t get the motivation to start? It's hard work to address these areas head on. It often doesn't work.

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    Here’s what to do:

    You use the side door of your subconscious.

    The side door is a way around our subconscious armor that's designed to help us avoid pain & seek pleasure.


    Our subconscious is incredibly protective but it often keeps us from the things we really want in our lives.

    In other words, that extra weight or the inability to make a career change provides just enough pleasure to hold you over throughout the other painful segments of the day.

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    Your subconscious wants to protect you.

    And when you try to ‘resolve’ the ‘problem’ head on, your subconscious puts on an armor. It’s ready to defend the fort that keeps you alive. That’s why you may not be able to achieve your goals or overcome habits that keep you from thriving in life. It's not that you don’t have the will or capacity to do so.

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    In our new PREMIUM offering,

    we employ an easier way—a conversation with your subconscious through the side door, gently and playfully introducing a subject or an event that seems to have nothing to do with your challenges.


    Our side door for the 8 Week Adventure to Change: Food as medicine, food as fun, food as nourishment and wellness.


    This is a Specialized 8 Week PREMIUM Customized Cleanse Offering to address your needs, challenges and goals. For a free discovery session interview and invitation, please send your inquiry below.