Immune System Reboot

    Food as a Vehicle for Change


    FREE Intro Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

    Class is offered twice at 11:30AM EST & 6PM EST

    Release trauma, stress & toxins from your body & mind

  • Why Cleanse?

    Why Now?


    Our liver remembers shocks, traumas and upheavals.

    It's time to give back to your body.

    Changing the food we consume is one of the most powerful change agents to transform our state of consciousness.

    Release Accumulated Stress, Trauma & Toxins From Your Cellular Memory

  • Release Trauma From Your Liver


    Oct. 3 Saturday: [INTRO] Your lungs, liver and the body's stories

    Oct. 4 Sunday: [DAY 1] Your liver is a memory bank

    Oct. 5 Monday: [DAY 2] Your liver is a storehouse

    Oct. 6 Tuesday: [DAY 3] Your liver protects your heart and pancreas

    Oct. 7 Wednesday: [DAY 4] Your liver cleanses your blood

    Oct. 8 Thursday: [DAY 5] Free your liver

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    3 Powerful Synergies

    1. Science of Eastern Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

    2. Technology of Yoga & Meditation

    3. Subconscious unfolding of resistance through Hypnosis

  • "The Body is the Embodiment of Our Subconscious"

    ~Dr. Candace Pert

    Trauma & Subconscious Leaves Clues:

    Learned Helplessness



    Feeling Numb

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    FREE Intro SATURDAY, October 3rd
    Workshop is offered twice at 11:30AM EST & 6PM EST
    Starts SUNDAY, October 4th
    Daily 60-90min classes
    Daily for 5 Days: October 4th - 8th: Americas 10am EST/7am PST / London 3pm / Amsterdam 4pm
  • Change Your Food

    Change Your Brain

    Change Your Behavior

  • 5 Day Autumn Cleanse

    Transformation through Food

    Your powerful opportunity to heal your cellular memory of unresolved traumas individually and as a collective.

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    Payment Plan


    Down Payment

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    Single Payment


    1 payment

  • How will these UNCOMMON TIMES change your world permanently?


    Have you aligned your body and mind towards a renewed direction?

    How can food help us align with our purpose?

    How can food help us heal our past traumas?

  • I'm in! I Want Change!

    5 Day Cleanse

    5 Day Cleanse

    This cleanse is ideal in creating a long term plan by diving into meditation, herbs and all 12 meridians and transforming an area in your life, such as career, relationships, money, pregnancy, health etc.
    Coming soon
    $197 Down Payment to Start

    $197 Down Payment to Start

    Get started with $197 down and set up a payment plan.
    Coming soon
  • Your Guides for the 5 Day Cleanse

    Free Intro SATURDAY, October 3rd
    Workshop is offered twice at 11:30AM EST & 6PM EST
    Starts SUNDAY, October 4th
    Daily 60-90min classes
    Daily for 5 Days: October 4th - 8th: Americas 10am EST/7am PST / London 3pm / Amsterdam 4pm


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    Eastern Medicine


    Amanbir, Eastern Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist, has guided hundreds of people through this powerful cleanse in NYC, Prague and other locations worldwide.


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    Meditation & Hypnosis


    Grace's niche is working with extraordinary people and companies approaching major life transitions and milestones. She supports you to make the impossible possible through your subconscious faculties.

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    Meridian Movements

    Amanbir & Grace

    The technology of meridian movement guidance and subconscious flowing meditations support you step by step on your adventurous transformation in body, mind and spirit.

  • Testimonials

    Supporting you to Thrive

  • Frederic Jochem

    Thank you Amanbir for an other remarkable Cleansing Workshop. As usual your great knowledge of Eastern Medicine combined with the Western through the clarity of your teachings and your radiant personality made it all unforgettable experience.

    The deep internal and external cleansing contribute to help oneself make the shift on many different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I very much liked the way the cleansing workshop was structured: both as a group and meditations and on an individual our individual diet recommendations.

    I look forward to attending your next workshop when our paths cross again. Many thanks and many blessings.

    Theresa O'Dea

    Grace is consistently and endlessly inspiring. Her talent and gifts of ever-expanding breadth of knowledge in her fields of expertise is remarkable. If I could coin a term to describe her it would be: PolyCreativeCrossPolinator. She is pure joy and a force that powers forward.


    Grace guided me on a journey that unveiled deeply rooted obstacles which had for decades blocked me from achieving my dreams. She adjusted my perception and assigned a simple and manageable plan of action that is already leading directly to the manifestation of my desires. The path ahead never before appeared so clear to me.

    Parker Voss

    Cleansing with Amanbir is the reset I craved since wintertime and in the midst of so many summer temptations. The supportive environment & morning routine sets you up with new knowledge/experience for healthy, future habits to feel better. Personally, I needed to eliminate certain cravings, and I reached this foundation in a fraction of the time than if I were to embark on the process without guidance & yoga.

    Sam Garland

    Working with Grace has been a godsend. She has helped me break through emotional blocks that I have been struggling with for years. Before, I felt like I was banging my head against a wall, trying to fix things. Not only did Grace make the work effortless, she did it with grace, warmth, and kindness. I learned so much about releasing my stuff – the blocks that were leading me to self-sabotage, that were holding me back in my career and my personal life. She has a real gift, and I highly recommend working with her.

    Kip Davis Myers

    Each experience participating in Amanbir's cleanse for the past five years has profoundly changed the way I view my life and set my goals and intentions for that year. It has been both a reset and a rebirth. I love doing the cleanse early in the morning with a group of people that hold me accountable -- physically and mentally.


    Amanbir's grace and knowledge of food, meditation and kundalini yoga has helped lift me to levels of success in my personal and professional life. He is sincere, honest, loving and speaks truth.

    Maxine Bee

    I felt stuck and unable to relax deeply. Grace helped me find deep relaxation through the hypnosis session. She also helped me envision a life with components that I did not realize had been missing. Ever since our session, those components seem to enter my existence without me having to search.


    Now I feel fulfillment even during times that would have previously felt difficult. This is because I know I am working toward my purpose, and that those actions are supported by the powers of our collective higher consciousness, encouraging us to be kind, to help, to connect with our earth and the other beings with which we share it. The unknown feels exciting and the moments revelatory.

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    Why Cleanse?

    Why Now?

    You can download a PDF to help you answer these questions.

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    Struggling with Food... it's Not Just About Food

    These PDF questions are designed to reveal your subconscious answers.

  • How will your world change permanently?